BlackBelt Brainstorming

BlackBelt Brainstorming

It has always been a critical objective to depart from the role of service provider and create BlackBelt’s products and solutions, as this is the best way to put our technological knowledge and the original ideas of our experts to good use. Innovation is no longer supported by external and internal brainstorming only but by a new business line that focuses on in-house product development.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the development of self-made products based on original ideas is a strong tradition in the operation of BlackBelt as our JUDO low-code platform has been developed by in-house experts and resources since the very beginning. The framework system that accelerates and significantly automates the development of applications has now entered its second main iteration, considerably contributing to the company’s business success. Thanks to the trailblazer’s inspiration, BlackBelt has taken further steps to boost and make the most of its innovative capacity. 

One of these initiatives was the idea competition announced for students jointly with Corvinus University, which we discussed in detail here, while also brainstorming within the company. With the launch of the Innovation Board, BlackBelt allowed its colleagues to share their ideas that could be developed into corporate products. Concepts that are feasible in business terms are implemented from the company’s funds, thus continuously expanding its range of products. This in-house innovation program led to, amongst other things, the creation of BlackBelt’s Smart Home solution or the development implemented during the COVID period, which allowed for monitoring the mood of employees. 

BlackBelt Brainstorming

Naturally, the innovation program can only be effective if the ideas realistically remain within the boundaries of achievability and feasibility. The company has determined various streams and looks forward to colleagues’ ideas. These include, for example, low-code or DevOps, yet new streams can also be launched when required. The goal is for the submitted concept to consider both the business and the technological strategy. 

The Rapid Application Development business line was partly developed into a separate field from these internal innovation processes, which is based on low-code technology – mainly JUDO and Mendix – to create applications that can be rapidly implemented and turned into products. “It is highly advantageous from a business perspective, but also – as a modern software development company – for channelling employees’ creativity and to boost our credibility to give a wider room for innovation,” said the head of the field, Zoltán Kővári.

Rapid Application DevelopmentOne of the tangible results of the business unit is the monitoring system that BlackBelt employees developed for assembly and manufacturing companies that work with elaborate production lines. The application can provide operators and maintenance staff with real-time information on the various life cycles of the up to 10 thousand different parts integrated into the production line. By using the system, factories can avoid extended downtime caused by malfunctions and the unnecessary costs of parts replaced prematurely, thus making production move viable. This year, the product was commissioned by five production halls and is expected to be included in the international portfolio of BlackBelt in the future.


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BlackBelt Brainstorming

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