10+ deploys per day: DevOps, a real game changer


Development and operational cooperation first entered the tech-sphere.


BlackBelt was founded.


Business continues growing & JUDO was born and we opened our nearshore centre.


There are now over 250+ DevOps startups globally. And the DevOps market is expected to reach $12.6 billion by 2025!!!


You don’t have to choose between Agile or DevOps, they are compatible: The introduction of the methodology in our company was linked to our own development, the creation of the Judo low-code platform.

DevOps responds to the demands of business and customer stakeholders for improved agility and stability by increasing overall IT performance. Based on the experience of recent years, we firmly believe that DevOps increases the efficiency of the application delivery process by orders of magnitude.

The revolution of the production line
András Wolf

András Wolf

Sales Director

A development project isn’t complete when all the lines of code have been written but only when the application has successfully gone live and is smoothly operating, fully functional and is adapting to all local systems. Nowadays, the ability to execute monthly or even weekly developments has become vitally important for a growing number of companies.

That is precisely what DevOps has to offer. It creates a production line that connects the developer and operator environment, which unites the previously separated phases of production and integrates them into a single, smoothly functioning process. After its development, the production line doesn’t require continuous professional monitoring; the company itself can perform operational and maintenance upkeep. Once a company recognizes that it’s worth modernizing the channel where IT developments are received, it is able to gain a major competitive advantage.

I am fully convinced that, just as modern automotive manufacturing was made possible by the introduction of the production line, the same logic can yield a breakthrough in the modern economy based on software.

BlackBelt & DevOps

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Diagram source: Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference; 14–15 May 2020

Agile methodology encourages business experts and software professionals to collaborate effectivelyto innovate high-value enterprise software products. It is a useful mind-set and it is especially well suited to turbulent, technology-driven internet competition.

The industry results speak for themselves, as well as our own experiences:

Fast and efficient adaptation to the business environment is essential.

This requirement can only be satisfied through the continuous development and updating of applications.

DevOps CORE values:

Increase deployment frequency
Lower failure rate of new releases
Shortened lead time between fixes
Faster mean time to recovery in the event of new release crashing
Aim to remove the silos between teams and enhance interdepartmental communication
Automation not only used to save time, but also to prevent defects, create consistency, and enable self-service
DevOps supports measurement and believes it is difficult to improve without the ability to measure

Our experiences and results

Fields in which DevOps is already producing results


Over the recent years, we have performed business-oriented developments of a varying nature for a number of our clients from the telecommunications to the healthcare sector. Despite the diversity of the projects, what they all had in common was that their applications were developed using a Kubernetes foundation, while the delivery was performed through the DevOps system which was also developed with a container technology. The two foundation stones of our projects, the Kubernetes and DevOps methodologies are the two foundation stones of our projects, which go hand in hand, contributing to our increased efficiency.


Our corporate clients specifically commission us to establish DevOps production lines in order to bring out the most of their self-developed software. A unique feature of DevOps is that it’s compatible with all widespread technologies, so there are practically no development/operational environment in which it can’t be successfully applied. Our former clients were all committed users of the container technology and this is how we utilized the DevOps automations in their systems.

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András Wolf

András Wolf

Sales Director