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Design and run cloud applications in the blink of an eye with less code than ever before.

Our new beta release is available!

The JUDO Framework is a low-code development toolbox optimized for creating and operating enterprise automation applications. Using Judo, you can deliver better quality, radically faster, and significantly cheaper software development projects

What is JUDO?

Create better quality

In an old-school custom software project, development resources are shared between the architectural basis and the business functions. Since resources are typically limited none of them can be perfect. Providing a solid structure, Judo lets you focus on the essence and deliver more value.

Forget IT dependency

Free your projects from fetters and enjoy when things move on. Judo empowers you to create a POC within hours, develop an MVP in a week or improve applications as demands arise.

Go at a good pace

Judo projects need much less IT resource. Will it solve all of your problems? Nope. However, in the world of Judo, the only bottleneck is the limit of your imagination.


Involve stakeholders deeply in the application development. Business analysts, business process owners, business users can easily contribute to your Judo project. The end result? Well, collaboration makes wonder.


Video case study

Meet InterU: the job application management tool created in Judo, BlackBelt's own low-code platform. InterU enables organizations to monitor their recruitment process and arrange interviews in a smart, easy and efficient way.

Our new beta release is available!

Product features

The Judo framework is a low-code development platform optimized for creating and operating enterprise automation applications agilely.

Object-oriented from the bottom to the top

Develop simply in the world of objects and do not care about backend SQL models.

Working (and editable) code directly from models

Build up your model, generate a code and continue working with this easy-to-read code.

Freedom by Docker

Deploy, integrate and migrate your code with the unprecedented flexibility of Docker.

Design UI without constraints

Though, Judo UI is beautiful, you can drop it to develop your own completely new interface.

Eclipse modeling framework

Enjoy the robustness of EMF without working with it directly.

Quality and security

Create beautiful code which complies to privacy and security standards.

[eBook] Modeling in software engineering

[eBook] Modeling in software engineering

and its advantages for developers.

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  • - We have a Riot community as well, where you will find up-to-date information and you can also contribute with others.
  • - A ton of documentation and video tutorials are available for our members.
  • - You get scores for your activity and you can take home some Judo goodies!
What is low-code?

What is low-code?

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