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Do you have a business idea, and all you need is an application? Our goal is to ensure your enterprise is launched with the best-matched technology. Software innovation is our focus to help your idea become reality.

The process of startup software innovation

Finding the best technology

Besides having many years of experience with tried and tested technologies (cloud, frontend / mobile / UX, AI, IoT, DevOps etc.), our R&D department is continuously researching new ones. We check your existing architecture / app (if you have one) and suggest a technology stack that may contain old and new elements that serve your unique business idea the best.

Roadmap development

Based on your future plans, we create your solution roadmap, including ways of how to enhance your software and what resources you will need. We put special emphasis on user and investor-friendly prototypes / MVPs.

Long-term partnership

Having a smooth and effective partnership with an established tech vendor is not only a guarantee of software quality, but client-friendly change management.

Benefits of working with us

Spend your resources efficiently, avoid pitfalls

Modern technology stack: your application scales easily

A long-term technology partner builds trust with investors

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András Wolf

András Wolf

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