Top 3 things we learned from developing JUDO

JUDO is a modeling environment and platform defined and invented by our company. Our company, BlackBelt, makes personal and business-level development to the top of its priority list.

We consider it of utmost importance to improve ourselves both personally and professionally, therefore we can go on together and make this company and our services even more successful and effective. From this train of thought, the idea of summarizing our experience and what we learned on the way while developing JUDO has been born. Enjoy!

What is JUDO in the first place?

JUDO is a modeling environment and platform defined and invented by our company. It is the company’s digital business platform serving the objectives of enterprises. It allies the power of three great modeling surfaces that the company uses to generate newer and newer application platforms. These modeling surfaces are: business modeling, human workflow, and document composition. These are the fields in which we are able to create brand new models and application platforms using our own documentation.

Top 3 things we’ve learned from developing JUDO

JUDO has been introduced to the public in 2016 in a client environment. Last year, in 2018, JUDO has been used on international projects, thus the international market has greatly justified our methodology. Since then, we have worked on numerous foreign and domestic projects, in which we successfully helped out clients to scale up their own company with our technical solutions. It has been a rocky road, but what we accomplished and learned within this short period of time does worth it all.

1. You shouldn’t work in your own technical space

We started the JUDO project in our own technical space. It was relatively easy to define our data model elements, as it is an element structure that can be simply defined in Python. However, describing the behavior of a meta-model is pretty complicated, because for this purpose we need to work with pre-coded elements on the Epsilon and Ecore level, that we did not have at that time. As these inevitable elements were not available in our technical space, we have lost a lot of time to create all the conditions we needed.

These sub-projects were vital to our normal operation and the preliminary development of JUDO. So now, as we experienced it all, we do not recommend companies to work in their own technical space. It indeed worth the money to invest in another application or platform to reach the desired status of the application a lot sooner.

2. Modeling User Interface is not easy

User Interface is the heart of all applications. It all depends on the outlook and user-friendliness, whether your new users are willing to use your new app or pay for it, or not. It all comes down to the usability of the software, no matter how fancy functions it has. We had many experiments to create the perfect UI coder, but it again took quite a great effort and expertise to develop the current version. We accomplished to develop our unique UI coder, however, we need to improve it further in the future to be able to cater to all kinds of client requests.

3. Web-based modeling is key

After many hours of brainstorming, we have come to the conclusion that we can offer an even better solution to our clients if we develop a web-based modeling tool. We have a core generator, a model interpreter, and a domain model and in the future, we are aiming to enrich this by making it a BPMN (Business Process Modeling and Notations) environment.

With the use of our brand new web-based modeling tool, we will be able to generate newer and newer models, while through the model interface, it will be possible to generate the model elements. Then, we will be able to deploy these into a running environment.

With these plans and pieces of experience in mind, we are moving forward to deliver better high-tech solutions to our clients. Thus, our objective is to make their work easier, flawless and as effective as possible.

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Top 3 things we learned from developing JUDO

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