Possibilities of implementing automation in software industry

Although, industrial digitalisation initially reminds most people of automated production lines, smart sensors, and precision robot arms, the software technology behind the hardware is just as essential as the physical devices it controls.

The essence of a smart factory is that the connection between the manufacturing devices in the factory and the new IT developments leads to innovations much greater than the sum of their parts. Industry 4.0 opens up opportunities we never dreamed of a decade ago – yet we can’t make do without them in the near future.

Low-code platforms help digitalize industrial companies

One of the most important keywords of Industry 4.0 is automation. When implementing automation, why not do so in the software world as well?! As a layman, one might think that writing program code cannot be done with automation – but that isn’t entirely true anymore. Naturally, no single development platform will formulate the logic behind the function of an application on its own, but if software development engineers create the fundamental structure, the manufacturing can often be performed by the framework system as well. Low-code platforms of this nature include the Siemens business Mendix, whose special partner is BlackBelt in the Central European region. Thanks to Mendix, the speed of development can be radically accelerated and based on this technology, industrial companies can make incredible advancements in the field of digitalisation.

BlackBelt in cooperation with Siemens has created an industrial application with an iterative development

In cooperation with Siemens, BlackBelt has created an industrial application with an iterative development of only a few weeks to monitor the life cycles of thousands of components installed in production lines. Therefore, the Mendix application Vitality – developed in only six weeks – is a classic example of a well-functioning smart factory solution: the collection, analysis and monitoring of available data make the operation of factories more organised and efficient.


Innovative software-based solutions that support industrial digitalisation

The Mendix IoT platform known as DataMagnet, an example of innovative software-based solutions that support industrial digitalisation thanks to rapid developments, was created by BlackBelt in only eight weeks. What sets DataMagnet apart is that factories can use it to compile their own customised IoT solutions. DataMagnet and Vitality are fine examples of the stunning, unimaginable increase in efficiency that digitalisation can provide for the industry. Thanks to these developments, production can be better planned and more cost-efficient – moreover, this can be achieved at significantly lower costs compared to the modernisation of the production lines. The digital industrial revolution is now a part of our day-to-day reality – yet we are just beginning to harness the opportunities it offers.


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Possibilities of implementing automation in software industry

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