Mendix and The Future of Manufacturing Industry Innovation

Manufacturers must be fast, intelligent, and environmentally conscious to stay afloat in turbulent market conditions. More than modernizing traditional manufacturing firms is required to enhance current physical procedures. Business and tech leaders collaborate to create flexible, innovative, and sturdy organizations that foster profitable and sustainable client relationships. A Forrester report, "The Future of Manufacturing," delves into this topic. In this blog post, we explore the top six global manufacturing trends for 2023 and how Mendix is benefiting the manufacturing industry:

Human-centric Data-driven Enterprises

Manufacturers are embracing digital transformation initiatives to create human-centric, data-driven enterprises. Using Mendix, organizations can develop applications that capture, present, and interact with data simply, flexibly, and engagingly. This enables effective decision-making and gives manufacturers a competitive edge in the market.

Predictable, Consistent Supply Chains

Manufacturers are making supply chains and logistics more predictable using AI, data analytics, and sensors. The Mendix platform allows manufacturers to build applications that streamline supply chain management and provide valuable insights, making operations more consistent and efficient.

Connected Ecosystems

Digital platforms are crucial for connecting the various elements of a manufacturer's ecosystem. Mendix enables the creation of applications that foster collaboration and facilitate secure data sharing, boosting resilience, innovation, and earnings throughout the value chain.

Hyper Everything!

Hyper-automation, hyper-connectivity, and hyper-personalization are trends that will dominate the manufacturing industry in 2023. Mendix empowers manufacturers to implement these trends by:

  • Facilitating hyper-automation through the use of AI, sensors, and machine learning

  • Enabling hyper-connectivity by connecting disparate data sources and streamlining operations

  • Supporting hyper-personalization through real-time data analysis and customized product development

The Industrial Internet of Things, Edge, and Smart Manufacturing

Mendix supports the adoption of IoT and smart manufacturing by providing tools and resources for creating data-driven applications. Manufacturers can use Mendix to develop applications that optimize and automate processes on the shop floor and across supply chains, ultimately increasing agility and adaptability.

The Sustainable Circular Economy

Manufacturers increasingly embrace the circular economy to promote sustainability and reduce environmental impact. Mendix allows manufacturers to develop applications that support recycling, refurbishing, and remanufacturing processes, thus reducing waste and cutting costs.

Adapt to market changes with Mendix

To build resilience and adapt to market changes, manufacturers must invest in digital initiatives to improve operational agility. One such solution comes from Mendix, a low-code platform that offers tools, services, and support for organizations to develop custom applications quickly and efficiently.

Tools available in the Mendix Marketplace include app services, templates, widgets, solutions, modules, and connectors, all designed to facilitate manufacturing-related tasks. Some examples of these tools are:

  • App services: Share functionality between your Mendix apps with services like 3D Viewer and MindSphere IIoT for Makers.

  • Templates: Start building applications using templates, including Smart Warehousing for inventory management and an augmented reality starter app.

  • Widgets: Customize your Mendix apps with configurable single user-interface elements, such as a rich text editor.

  • Solutions: Access pre-built applications, including a Workplace Manager for COVID-19 capacity restrictions and a Marine Issue Manager for onboard issues.

  • Modules: Enhance your app's functionality with manufacturing modules, such as Mendix Application Performance Diagnostics and Bizzomate Progress Monitor.

  • Connectors: Integrate your Mendix apps with other systems using connectors like Database Connector, Salesforce Connector, and IBM Watson Connector Suite.

Manufacturing organizations must leverage reusable components like adaptable solutions, widgets, connectors, and domain-specific APIs to stay competitive. Mendix provides all the essential elements for building industry-specific solutions quickly, empowering teams to solve more problems faster and adapt to market changes with agility. Using Mendix, you join a growing community of expert partners, global integrators, and over 250,000 makers.

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Mendix and The Future of Manufacturing Industry Innovation

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