10 Reasons To Outsource IT Services

Let's discuss ten reasons you should outsource your IT department and the benefits of having an extra support layer to help you succeed.

Outsourcing IT operations can help an organization focus on its goals and realize its business vision. In addition, outsourcing certain areas of IT can significantly reduce overhead costs and extra tasks for your IT team. When considering which areas of your business you should outsource, remember that there are many aspects before proceeding. Let's discuss ten reasons you should outsource your IT department and the benefits of having an extra support layer to help you succeed.

1. Outsource your IT projects to reduce Costs

Most companies outsource their IT projects to save money.

  • Leveraging the provider’s hardware and software infrastructure can help save on the upfront costs of building new IT processes. 

  • Outsourcing saves you money on hiring, onboarding, training, and housing employees in your company. You can gather all the skills and experience without going through a lengthy and costly selection process.

  • You do not need the equipment to perform software development tasks.

Overall, shifting your IT spending to a predictable monthly model gives you peace of mind, access to expert resources, and lower long-term costs.

2. Mitigate Recruitment Challenges

Establishing and maintaining an in-house IT team is an HR challenge. Recruiting a team is a long, complex, and costly process. The hiring process requires technical understanding and internal resources that you may not have in the staff. It gets more complicated if you don't have the skills to strike the right balance your business needs to operate successfully. For example, if you are recruiting for an IT position, you may not know the skills and experience required. However, outsourcing some or all of your IT ensures you get a team with the right balance of skills.

3. Expand Your Talent Pool

Contracts with outsourcing providers are great for acquiring the desired IT workforce.

  • IT contracts offer a workforce with adequate competence in the amount and duration necessary for your project. They guarantee you an experienced team and highly qualified personnel.

  • They give you access to a large talent pool without the risk of trying to hire talents that others are also fighting for.

  • Because you are using your providers’ talent pool, you not only have access to various subject-matter experts, you gain more flexibility in your IT hiring strategy. For example, if you outsource UX development, your team has more space to employ backend developers.

4. Flexibility and Scalability

Outsourcing contracts are easy to expand if the circumstances require it. With more flexibility in staffing, your outsourcing provider can scale IT resources based on seasonal demand or project workflow. IT outsourcing even allows you to divide projects across a group of experts for faster turnaround.

If your business is experiencing bottlenecks, your outsourced service provider should be able to allocate quickly as many resources as necessary to solve your problems. For example, it might be possible to quickly onboard multiple architects or testers to support your team of in-house developers.

5. Faster Time to Market with outsourcing

Collaborating with external experts allows you to complete the project more quickly and efficiently. Launching a project can also be quick: you can go from the green light to getting started in as little as two weeks.

Outsourcing providers have a well-established environment and know-how to ensure project progress. With the skills, resources, and processes in place, timing and deadlines become less of an issue for them. They're familiar with what you have in mind and have a clear vision (and toolset) of accomplishing it in the fastest way possible. They do this for a living, knowing what they need to get the job done quickly.

6. An outsourced IT team has experts

The depth and breadth of experience matter. Therefore, the best IT outsourcing providers have specialists who meet these criteria. When outsourcing IT, you hire people who are both trained in specific technologies and experienced in using the respective environments. They are top-of-the-line IT specialists in the required fields, including but not limited to mobile and web development, DevOps, business automation, system integration, and customer experience (UX/UI) implementation.

Outsourced IT services will, thus, increase your overall productivity. An outsourced IT team has experts who can resolve IT tasks and issues much more efficiently than your in-house team.

7. Best Fit Technology

Another reason for IT outsourcing is that you benefit from their many years of experience in the technology sector. You will receive recommendations on the best methodologies, systems, and tools to run your business.

The core competency of an outsourcing provider is all about technology; their main task is to know the latest frameworks, standards, and toolsets. You can develop cutting-edge solutions by outsourcing the work to a provider with a proven track record of competence. It will equip your business with the newest technologies that increase efficiency and competitiveness.

8. Reduced Risks

What if you lose all your customer data? What if your web server crashes? What if your phone system fails? Failure of your e-commerce operation can mean sales stoppage and losing customer data can pose reputational damage or even litigation. So, the risks to your business can be substantial. However, recovering from a catastrophic technology failure requires resources and expertise only professionals can provide.

During high employee turnover, inconsistency and uncertainty can significantly affect your business. Outsourcing provides continuity while minimizing the risk of substandard operation. IT risk management can be provided as an outsourced IT service.

9. Data security

One of the main concerns of companies is the safety of their sensitive and confidential information. About 70% of businesses are unprepared for cyberattacks, which points to a much larger problem: there may be a shortage of talent and expertise in this space. As this remains a business-critical issue, companies are constantly looking for security professionals who are not only cost-effective but also experts in their field for the reliable protection of data assets. Data security is fundamental for professional providers during an outsourced application development project. Outsourcing this service has proven successful for many companies that want to work harder on securing their internal data.

10. Focus on Your Core Business

Business processes that aren't suited to your company's skills are better outsourced to specialists that can handle them professionally within a short period. Outsourcing frees up the time and resources you need to focus on core business processes. With no helpdesk or accounting department to run, businesses can devote their scope to work on core matters that drive the company.

Even if an organization outsources IT, that does not mean it lacks IT. Sometimes, outsourcing is required to fix the organization's weaker areas or help with larger projects. With part of IT processes outsourced, you can focus your IT strategy on what matters most to your business. This allows internal staff to focus on their expertise and prioritize goals. For example, if your company outsources the development of a ticketing system, your team can prioritize more important tasks like security monitoring, network development, or new infrastructure installation.


Outsourcing is not just about cost-saving. As your business grows, outsourcing can be an excellent way to disrupt the industry, access new skill sets, and promote innovation, repositioning your business in the market. However, it is vital to get the right people on board who comprehend your business and can deliver you a high-quality service so that you can focus on your core business activities.

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10 Reasons To Outsource IT Services

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