About us

We are one of Hungary's most dynamically growing software developer companies.

Our story


It began with an idea

It began with an idea

Let’s connect the country’s best experts with the most exciting IT projects.


We grew fast

We grew fast

BlackBelt’s team has grown ten-fold within 1 year.


We double our clients

We double our clients

Our base business continues growing, while we are working on our own rapid development platform, JUDO.


We open our nearshore centre

We open our nearshore centre

Annual revenue exceeds the EUR 4.6 million benchmark. We move to a new HQ and set off our nearshore centre. JUDO goes live on customer projects.


Grown-up organisation

Grown-up organisation

Our growth requires us to upgrade our organization and processes. More and more of our teams are working on international projects.


Winning client trust

Winning client trust

Our revenue exceeds EUR 8.2 million. JUDO becomes a tried and tested tool for rapid prototyping.


We cross the border

We cross the border

More business growth and new clients from abroad. We open sales offices in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


Innovation is in our DNA

Innovation is in our DNA

Management and operational development (lean) programmes are launched in order to meet new business goals. Areas in focus are sales & business development, recruitment, R&D / innovation.

Our leaders

András Czifra


András Wolf


Gábor Privitzky


Róbert Sövegjártó

Finance & Back Office

Andrea Czutor


János Facskó

Service Delivery

Gábor Jenisz

Project Delivery

Adrienn Miklósvári


Zoltán Kővári

International Business

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How to find us


3rd floor
16 Ganz street
H-1027 Budapest

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