(Magyar) Java fejlesztő gyakornok

Would you like to be a blackbelt ninja and learn Java from great Seniors?

We have other superpowers, too:

What we offer:

  • Professional development!
    • Oppurtunity for professional development and taking part in real projects.
    • You get to know how our model-drive code generating platform, JUDO  is being developed for 5 years now.
    • You can learn next to a dedicated Senior Java Developer mentor who helps you to understand komplex systems and checks your code.
    • You can work with the BlackBelt experts who have outstanding professional skills in their field of expertise.
  • Professional practice!
    • We can help you out with the topic of your thesis while you can have our seniors as your external consultants.
    • We take care of the paperwork with your university about your professional practice at BlackBelt.
  • Hourly fees and predictable carrier path!
    • As an intern you get paid by hourly fees or  you can join us as a full time employee. Your salary can grow as you get more and more experienced.
  • English courses!
    • English is important, so if you are not fluent enought, we’ll help you out with an English teacher.
  • Meetups with pizza and beer!
    • You are going to be a part of a team that is willing to share knowledge so on meetups we make presentations on various and fun topics like .NET, Java, Javascript, testing, agile methodology..
    • When on a meetup.. we have beer, pizza and Birthday cakes for the Birthday people.
  • Bowling, Football, Bean Bag Chairs and Xbox for relaxation!
    • You can show your bowling or football skills in the BlackBelt team, but if you’re not into physical activities, feel free to try the office Xbox!

What we ask for:

  • Finished or ongoing IT studies (program designer mathematician, economic informatics or IT engineer)
  • We would be glad with 30 hours a week. If it’s not possible because of your classes, we ask you to pay attention to this in the next semester.
  • Fluent English or willingness to learn it!
  • Show us your school or at-home project at the interview.
  • Be prepared at the interview as we will ask you some basic Java questions.
    • If the interview was not successful, don’t be sad, we are looking forward to your next application!

If you want to be a Blackbelt Developer, send  your application to jobs@blackbelt.hu.

Don’t forget to attach your short cover letter and tell us why you would like to work here!


Csipak Csilla

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