The new island (source: Laci Németh, software engineer)

A revolution in Russia has taken place in information technology. When Kotlin was released in 2008 nobody expected that a decade later the new programming language created by a team from St. Petersburg would be supported by Google.


Customers in Action (source: Ákos Mocsányi, Solution Architect)

Theatre tickets, car rentals, vacuum cleaners, gifts? Naturally, we expect online shopping to be quick and crash-free, even in a busy shopping periods. Due to new technology, this is not a problem anymore.


Just like in the games (source: our scrum master Attila Szabó)

Several ten-page detailed guides regulate the progression of agile developments. The reason behind the success of the possibly most popular methodological approach, the scrum, is that it specifies everything, including roles, discussions and individual tasks. The client also has a chance every few weeks to see how the project is going.


Instead of mirages (source: János Facskó (Johnny), SDU director)

A dissatisfied customer, an off-the-track development, a deadline delay caused by some communication error – who wouldn’t have nightmares about such things? A decade and a half ago the authors of the Agile Manifesto laid the foundations of a new software development approach. This method works great in our experiences, too.


A sharp change (an interview with József Börcsök aka Joe, senior JAVA developer)

The latest development is a failure and there is only one night left until going live because the next day is the statutory deadline for the switch. Meanwhile, the developer cannot be reached. This would never occur with Docker technology.


Think smart! (a professional interview at BlackBelt)

Too difficult? Seems like an exam? Sorry, that’s how I do an interview – claims Gábor Privitzky, Technical Director of BlackBelt Technology, who insists on serious professional recruitment from the start. Only the best is chosen by the company but they feel that at last they have a workplace where they can evolve day by day. And the team is great too!


JavaScript Vs TypeScript (source: Norbi Herczeg, frontend developer)

Developers exhausted by slouching over several tens of thousands of lines of programs can breathe easier if they choose TypeScript for major projects. We at BlackBelt do so in many cases. The result: less error, more sustainable and problem-free use – and more satisfied customers.


Tulip Mania? (an interview with our software development engineer Laci Németh)

Upon its release, the whole world dismissively turned a blind eye to Bitcoin. However, recent prognoses show it might just reshape the basic pillars of our society. The centre of the technology behind the cryptocurrency is the blockchain algorithm, which some say is just as significant as the internet itself.


A pain-free start (mentor system at BlackBelt)

No matter how great a workplace is, the starting period is a little hard and stressful for every new colleague. There are a lot of companies with a mentor system, but at BlackBelt, we listen to feedback and it really makes the first days of newcomers easier.


Rólunk mondták

Csaba Ilosvay – Invitech Solutions

One of the most useful advantage of BlackBelt’s development methodology and applied technology was fast prototyping. We could follow the implementation of our requirements week by week and had the chance of refining them during the entire project. BlackBelt was able to incorporate changes in the system flexibly. – Csaba Ilosvay, head of corporate customer service, Invitech Solutions

Péter Tordai – KBC Securities

“BlackBelt Technology has done a focused IT audit for our company. We were very pleased with their services; we have achieved considerable improvement of effectiveness within a few months.” – Péter Tordai, Deputy General Director, KBC Securities

Csaba Bugár – Diákhitel Központ

“BlackBelt Technology has completed its job at Diákhitel Központ with outstanding quality, living up to business expectations and conforming to the ethical standards of the profession; they have proved to be excellent and reliable partners during our cooperation.” – Csaba Bugár, CEO, Diákhitel Központ

Krisztián Koller – AVON UK

Relying on its best-of-class technology expertise, BlackBelt has helped us improve one of our key system’s operations. As a result of the work done together, system maintenance has become much easier and cost-effective. – Krisztián Koller, solution architect, AVON UK