Professional IT resources

Imagine that you launch an IT development project without having to worry about deadlines. That during the project you have the necessary number of professionals with the necessary expertise at your disposal. That you can plan your costs precisely.

When did that last happen to you?

Imagine that thanks to your partner’s wide-ranging market experience, professional network, continuously trained HR colleagues and their refined selection procedure, you are provided the most suitable experts for each of your tasks.

What competitive advantage would your business gain?

Imagine that you are working with a team of experts who know that challenges lead to excellence. For them, solving problems is not only a job but a passion.

What doors would that open for you?


Csaba Ilosvay – Invitech Solutions

One of the most useful advantage of BlackBelt’s development methodology and applied technology was fast prototyping. We could follow the implementation of our requirements week by week and had the chance of refining them during the entire project. BlackBelt was able to incorporate changes in the system flexibly. – Csaba Ilosvay, head of corporate customer service, Invitech Solutions

Péter Tordai – KBC Securities

“BlackBelt Technology has done a focused IT audit for our company. We were very pleased with their services; we have achieved considerable improvement of effectiveness within a few months.” – Péter Tordai, Deputy General Director, KBC Securities

Csaba Bugár – Diákhitel Központ

“BlackBelt Technology has completed its job at Diákhitel Központ with outstanding quality, living up to business expectations and conforming to the ethical standards of the profession; they have proved to be excellent and reliable partners during our cooperation.” – Csaba Bugár, CEO, Diákhitel Központ

Krisztián Koller – AVON UK

Relying on its best-of-class technology expertise, BlackBelt has helped us improve one of our key system’s operations. As a result of the work done together, system maintenance has become much easier and cost-effective. – Krisztián Koller, solution architect, AVON UK