Whatever challenges we face, solutions always lay with a good team.
Meet BlackBelt's management

András Czifra

I believe in fair competition, performance, perseverance, and growth. One of the reasons why people are enthusiastic about sports is that athletes can compete against each other under fair circumstances. I think if we are fair and give it our best shot, we not only have a better chance to win, but have no reason to be ashamed if we lose. Of course I treasure every success, but as a perfectionist I am always on the lookout for new challenges.

András Wolf

The most important thing for me is to fully understand our clients: to see their problems, the challenges and, likewise, the opportunities they face; because this is the only way we can offer them real solutions. At the same time, it is our goal that our clients are in turn familiar with our abilities, services and achievements because this is the only way we can hope they’re going to think of BlackBelt first for the next time around. I deeply believe in the importance of thinking together with our clients. I think that besides our agility and passionate proactivity this is the key to BlackBelt’s success.

Gábor Privitzky

Courage is a key element of good solutions because we can never fully possess all the information necessary. We have to know that recognition and correction of mistakes is the most crucial part of innovation. This is why I see the future in the development of applications that can be easily integrated, simply modified and are flexible.

Róbert Sövegjártó

I work at a company understanding that 100% of its achievement depends on the expertise, talent and creativity of its employees. For me it is clear that they are not the ones to adjust to excel sheets. My task is to adjust the administrative tasks to their needs. I think this is how finance with a human face looks like.

Andrea Czutor

Our market strategy is to help clients utilize the advantages enabled by the latest technology. As employers, we think the same. We continuously support our colleagues to expand their knowledge and acquire new skills. We are convinced that we can provide the expected high quality for our clients only, if our colleagues are in the centre of our attention.

Facskó János

We are committed to serving our customers, devoted to delivering high-standard technical solutions and passionately work on ensuring those who make all of this happen to think of BlackBelt in the long term. Our experts are satisfied but my primary goal is that they are committed and devoted, too. I am proud that I work in a place that has a supportive environment, a place where employee satisfaction is an appreciated value, where every day we actively work on making our workplace better, the place that we call BlackBelt.

Gábor Jenisz

The leadership of a complex project requires various skills and expertise. I am responsible for synchronizing the work and temperament of experts, demands and opportunities, aspects and expectations. Besides the success of projects, it is equally important for me that each member of the team has the necessary room for personal development.

Adrienn Miklósvári

A company that is fast, dynamic and smart to take and utilize business opportunities is an invigoratingly exciting challenge. I work with the best of the profession. Innovation is in the DNA of the firm. BlackBelt is part of the start-up culture in Hungary. What’s more, we develop products with a place on the global market. To be part of such a team is a dream assignment for me.