Embedded development is a new area of expertise at BlackBelt

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Rapid development, maximum precision

For 15 years, I have been supporting the R&D centers of our clients working in the field of health technologies as well as the manufacturing, vehicle and telecommunications industries by providing professional services. Over this time, the field has seen rapid advancement: from assembly or simulation pads programmed, for example, in Ada we have now reached the point of self-driving cars, self-regulating homes and the complete digitalization of industrial processes.

The task of our developers in this field is no less than creating products in near-manufacturing environments and in compliance with strictly regulated processes that support hardware during their daily operation. All of this must be carried out with the utmost precision as the safety requirements are very high. In exchange, our colleagues can work on outstanding engineering tasks and acquire incredibly wide-ranging knowledge.

Mónika Molnár, Senior Client Partner, Industrial Segment

Embedded Projects


We took part in the development of artificial intelligence software aimed at installing image sensors in vehicles that properly recognize typical objects on the roads (signs /vehicles / people, etc.). Under 4 months, the team consisting of the product owner, UX designer, back-end and front-end developers successfully completed the MVP.

Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Budapest

We’re working on a development project for the digitalization of railway freight wagons. Not only will the system collect information on what is happening to the freight wagon, but it will also make it possible to plan for fleet capacity and maintenance as well as reduce the safety inspection of units – with highly precise energy management.


Ericsson is one of our oldest and top priority clients, which played a leading role in the establishment of the 5G standard. A number of projects are related to the field of 5G, primarily the development of our solutions supporting operation, troubleshooting and data collection. Apart from providing outstanding professional development, Ericsson is also one of the most humane multi-national companies in Hungary: it’s characterized by flexible work, core service hours and the culture of agility.

Mendix / Siemens

We have been Mendix’s domestic platform partner since the autumn of 2019. In 2018, Siemens purchased Mendix, allowing us supplement our low-coding knowledge with expertise in Siemens Automotive Embedded Software.


Since 2019, we have been working on developing the audio systems of premium luxury car brands. An international team has been assembled (including Hungarian, German and Estonian colleagues). The best thing about the project is that our client is open to the ideas of experts and vigorously encourages innovative solutions.

Our IoT Hobby Projects #1

In the autumn of 2019, our colleague Rob Csákány held a full-house presentation on his own smart home project.

Watch the lecture’s launch videos here, here and here.

If you’re interested in the full meet-up, click here.

Our IoT Hobby Projects #2

Read more about Kálmán Németh’s central smart home management solution in our Tech Corner article . The article is currently only available in English.

Our Colleagues’ Opinions


Embedded C Developer

I was already “immersed” in the world of microcontrollers at the university: I wrote the thesis paper of my computer engineering degree on the same subject. I joined BlackBelt in June 2019 with 5 years of experience as an Embedded C Developer. The project I’m currently working on is truly inspiring as it’s aimed at developing a next-generation amplifier for a luxury car brand.

I find challenges in my work every day, which is backed up by a supportive working environment and the client is open to new ideas and innovative solutions.  I’m working in an international team, in good company, day in and day out.


Embedded C Developer

After my construction engineer degree, I also acquired an electrical engineering qualification. I joined BlackBelt as an Embedded D Developer with automotive industry experience. After spending quite a few years in a multi-national environment, it was refreshing to work for a “humanistic” employer: the measures and decisions are made locally without multiple rounds of approval and downtime and you can really sense the personal attention. The work conditions are ideal and the team is inspiring. It’s exhilarating to work in a harmonious corporate culture.


Solution Architect

It’s cool to work on the R&D project of a railway manufacturing company. This is particularly true when the project includes solving a multitude of unique, creative and innovative tasks. My part of the creative process is the coding and the development of electronic components. One of the most thrilling tasks of the project was when our versatile little team mounted the measurement units on rail fleets in Berlin and Croatia.

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