Our Service is a Kind of Insurance - Case Study

“Our Service is a Kind of Insurance” – András Wolf Sales Director about outsourced product development

A good business idea pops up. Next comes the partners and the question: will the concept prove to be competitive? Potential investors need more than just a few flashy slides about vision and strategy. So, what would be the best way to present a prototype? András Wolf, Sales Director at BlackBelt Technology, thinks it is best to rely on outsourced product development.

As this expert puts it, “We come into the picture when the existing extravagant website is no longer enough and the use of a tried and tested technological solution becomes necessary.”

Their goal is to ensure that new enterprises are launched with the best suited, custom fit technology from the very beginning. That way it wouldn’t be necessary to spend vast amounts of money when a functioning prototype of their product or service has to be presented to a venture capitalist or a business angel investor. Wolf goes on to say, “We get down to work when a Startup has only acquired a few clients, and we work together until they have clients well into the thousands. A fresh company could not scale up their capacity like that, even though it carries an inherent technological risk. So, our service is a kind of insurance for both the small enterprises and their investors.”

Many try to ‘manage’ the issue by developing something quickly for the presentation, but as both the Startup and the concept change and mature over time, these initial systems are usually scrapped. “We, on the other hand, create a stable, company specific, unique technological environment, which is suited to accommodate modifications, modelling and even creating new prototypes. This makes our solution lasting and functional for a long time.” Wolf explains.


A crucial component is the fact that these do not run on the Startups’ own servers, but through a web-based, cloud-based central system, which is typically accessed by registering through a website. This is a scalable solution, meaning that the service providers are free to set their own levels depending on the number of their clients and the extent of utilisation. Wolf observes “Local hardware has many inherent problems and it also becomes obsolete in a couple of years. Our specialists on the other hand move the application to the cloud, continuously optimising the scale. The difference adds up to serious savings each month.” At BlackBelt they use remote access; they work with domestic and international cloud providers of the highest professional standards and recommend them to their clients. They help to select lasting and affordable technology.

In addition to the JUDO platform they have developed in-house, they also offer consultation (utilising DevOps) to their clients. They align their thinking with their clients, as well as monitoring and guiding the product development lifecycle.


Professional experience and significant savings are both guaranteed by BlackBelt. Neither require cumbersome negotiations or meetings either. Wolf reveals “We coordinate through video conferencing if needed, and we can also hand a complete solution and its operation to the client, if they want us to. They can log in to those servers that run their applications, but if they decide they would rather have us operating it, we will do that as well. In brief, they come to us with challenges and the ultimate outcome of our cooperation is a new and unique system.”

They have done projects in a number of different sectors, from telecom and finance through retail and logistics to medical technology. They carry out development for both the Hungarian and the Western markets.

Wolf earnestly says “By working in many industries we have encountered a diverse range of business challenges. That’s what we specialise in. We seek solutions for situations that had never been addressed.”

BlackBelt also help in the implementation of those ideas that are left lying in the drawer. Who hasn’t encountered the scenario where ideas for innovation pop up only to be tossed around for years due to the lack of time and resources until, as in many cases, they are ultimately forgotten? Since revenue is generated by the main activity, no resources may be reallocated from there. Now enter András Wolf and his team, who undertake to implement these plans. Due to their area of expertise, they are most certainly dealing only with the technological aspects, thus the business idea is also safe. Wolf explains, “The business concepts to be implemented are in good hands with us. We are experts in our own industry, we are not in the business of evaluating the marketability of other companies’ ideas, so we just don’t do that. But we are committed to the technological implementation of long espoused plans. We aim to be our client’s long term, reliable partners.”

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