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Let us take on the burden of development. We handle all the tedious specifications so you can focus on your product strategy.


Whether you are seeking rapid development of a single application or long-term maintenance of your entire suite of applications or corporate systems,
we will ensure your technology assets drive exceptional business results.

Our dedicated software is ideal for customers who have strictly defined expectations and for those who do not want stock solutions.

Our goal is to implement effective and useful technology adapted to the specific nature of the company. Thanks to our expertise and previous experiences we are able to successfully implement complex and demanding IT projects.

We know how to create a product that will help you meet your business goals. We design and implement both applications for internal needs, to support business management, and web-based products supporting digital business.

Preparing dedicated software involves several stages. At the outset, we conduct analysis, which allows us to learn the customer's exact requirements and possibilities of their implementation.

The next step is to select the appropriate technology. After designing the system and creating information architecture, we implement the product, maintain and modify it upon the customer's request

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How fast is "Fast"?

Personalized to your business

JUDO is also a project management philosophy; through it our client has a continuous view of the software’s development, can test it from time to time, and if there is a wish to change anything during development or to diverge from the original specification, immediate intervention is possible.

Thus you have continuous control over the software, instead of seeing it only in its operational state at the end of the project, when it is much more difficult–not to mention expensive–to change even the very basic functionality. You can ask questions about it, change it, test it.

Prototype for any device

The era of throwing around ideas in writing, via PowerPoint or in documents is over! Through JUDO we can speedily turn any business concept or suggestion into software that can be demonstrated and used on any device.

In as little as 5–10 days we create an actual, scalable and easily improvable prototype that can be demoed to show how the live software would function. Having laid these foundations, the existing model then serves as the basis for further development as soon as the project is given the green light on your end.

Low coding

JUDO is also a development methodology; in it our developers build upon and use our pre-written, oft-tested, flawless codes, taking into account your specific needs.

Since the work we do includes using codes written during previous projects, there are many basic tasks we don’t need to redo from scratch. We have the routine code snippets at our disposal, allowing us to focus on the really important parts of the project–those tasks that will provide you with the greatest competitive advantage in your market!

Easy to iterate

It often happens that a component needs to be inserted into a prior “gap” in an IT environment. In such cases unique software is required instead of the “boxed” solution, to fit into the existing slot like a missing LEGO brick.

We use the above mentioned pre-written codes in a way to make them fit easily into a company’s existing system.


We are strongly committed to DevOps

Want to know why?

Each line of code in your project has been written to serve your business goals.

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