A Pain-Free Start

June 08, 2018
2 min read

We have mentoring from the beginning. I think it’s a very effective tool. It’s a great feeling for a senior colleague to be listened to, and it is a big help for a new colleague if there’s someone to turn to. Moreover, I see that these stronger relationships are lasting, even after the mentee becomes more independent” says Gábor Privitzky, technical director of the company. Every new colleague is helped by a more experienced one, during their starting period for as long as they feel it’s necessary.

Hermina Bán arrived half year ago, she works as a junior front end developer. Although she has one and a half years of experience she admits she would have felt lost without her mentor, Norbert Herczeg. “I have been receiving tons of help from him, and if I feel stuck I go to him without hesitation. It is really reassuring that I have the support of an experienced colleague. For example, last week he stayed in the office with me until 8pm because I was stuck with an after-development test. More eyes see more so together we found the problem easily and remedied the situation.”

According to Privitzky, sensitivity is a must in mentoring, he also believes that it is really essential that partners should be compatible with each other. Hermina’s case was a success. Hermina tells us “I have great professional respect towards my mentor, which is important to me. It is good to know that during work I can ask him anything, and even if he doesn’t know the answer he is happy to learn about it together with me.

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